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Community First Responders launch their orange and green liveried vehicle

community first responder kidmore end sonning common oxfordshire

community first responder kidmore end sonning common oxfordshire

The Sonning Common/Kidmore End First Responder vehicle is the first in the country to have the new national livery, marked up in orange and green. The team is very proud of their new vehicle which they hope will enable them to reach their destination even more quickly. They do not have blue lights or any right to travel above the speed limit but it is hoped that other road users will give way when they see it is an ‘emergency’ vehicle.

The Launch was held at the Vauxhall garage on the Peppard Road on 30 September 2016, where Paul Mullin handed over the Antara 4×4 car, which had been supplied by them at a favourable rate. The garage will also provide free servicing and hosted the event to thank all the sponsors.

A total of £15,940 was raised in 15 months through the generosity of the local community, from fund raising events, grants from the Parish Councils and gifts from individuals/families.

There are currently 3 Community First Responders, Chris Brook in Kidmore End, Sue Abbott and Adam Negus in Sonning Common. Their training is supported by Dave Hamer who is the officer for South Central Ambulance Service and is an accredited paramedic. They attend an average of 10 calls per month, and despite having to travel at normal speeds for 70% of the calls, they arrive before the ambulance. This precious time saves many lives.

community first responder kidmore end sonning common oxfordshire 2

In the few weeks since they have been using the liveried car they have already received comments from ambulance crews telling them that it has made it easier for the ambulance to find the address, again a possible life saver.

If you are interested in volunteering with them or can help them to fund raise for additional equipment please look at their website  or contact Chris by email, or phone 0118 924 2515.

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