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An outline planning application has been made for up to 245 houses on land, just over the parish boundary, to the north of Emmer Green. Residents, particularly those in the south-east of the parish, might want to comment to the planners.

An outline planning application has been submitted to SODC by Gladmans in the parish of Eye and Dunsden. The site borders Kidmore End Parish and Reading, at Emmer Green. The application is looking to put 245 houses on the site and it is not popular with Eye and Dunsden Parish Council and other local SODC councils, or the residents of Emmer Green.

Representatives from the local parish councils and Emmer Green and Caversham residents’ associations have met and formed CAGE – Campaign Against Gladman in Eye and Dunsden. You may have seen a report about CAGE in the Henley Standard. More information can be found at and

The Parish Council has recommended that the District Council refuse the application, because:

  • the development is believed to be contrary to the present South Oxfordshire Local Plan, which does not contemplate development in the area in question;
  • there are no significant employment opportunities in southern South Oxfordshire warranting such housing development;
  • this will represent an incursion of suburbia into ancient open countryside, in an area adjacent to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;
  • the development will take out of production a number of fields actively used for raising grain and other food crops;
  • the demands of c250 additional households will swamp the already stretched public sector infrastructure, eg access to education and health services, in southern South Oxfordshire, as the application makes no provision for such services on site;
  • the roads serving the proposed development site are inadequate for the likely number of private car journeys arising from the homes;
  • the proposed access onto the B481 is on to a length of that road notorious for traffic accidents.
  • Reading Borough Council has considered the application and, like the Parish Council, has recommended South Oxfordshire to refuse it.

If this development on ancient countryside is a concern to you, register your views via the CAGE website.

The planning application on the SODC website may be viewed here.

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