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FISH BUS service discontinued

fish bus

Following yet another trial service which ran from January to April 2017,  we are sad to announce that the Reading shuttle service, which ran weekly on Fridays from Cane End, Gallowstree Common, Kidmore End and Chalkhouse Green to Reading has been discontinued as there were not enough users to make the service viable.

fish bus

The purpose of this service was to allow those without private means of transportation to be able to access   Reading once the bus service discontinued.  FISH runs a very comprehensive service and will collect residents from their homes when necessary.

The only bus service serving the Parish are the X39 and X40 services, which operate between Oxford and Reading, with a stop in Cane End, Wallingford and Chazey Heath. More information can be found here.  There area also services from Sonning Common.


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