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Appointment of Officers, Sub-Committees and Representatives

new appointment of councillors kidmore end parish council oxfordshire

On the Parish Council Meeting of 24th May 2017, both the Chairman and Vice-Charman were re-elected. During the same meeting, the following appointments have been made for the period to the Annual Meeting in 2018:

Allotments Manager  Sarah Hall
Deputy Allotments Manager Caroline Aldridge
Finance Sub-Committee Sue Biggs, Iain Pearson, John Swift
Plans Sub-Committee Sue Biggs, Sheila Forde (covering Cane End), Sarah Hall, Sarah HunterTrevor Perchard
Rights of Way Sub-Committee Sheila Forde, Sarah Hunter, Trevor Perchard
Transport Sub-Committee (and Transport Representatives) Sue Biggs, John Swift
Editorial Board of Newsletter Caroline Aldridge, Sheila Forde, Ana O’Reilly, Mr. A Miros*, Mrs J Russell*
Representatives on Playing Field Committee Sheila Forde, Iain Pearson, Trevor Perchard
Representative on Oxford Association of Local Councils Ana O’Reilly
Representatives on Sonning Common Neighbourhood Development Plan Sue Biggs, Iain Pearson
Website Councillor Ana O’Reilly
Broadband Champion Hugh Threshner
Wells Sarah Hall


* not a member of the Parish Council


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