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Neighbourhood Development Plan Meeting Update – July 2017

neighbourhood development plan

Thank you for the great support at the Neighbourhood Development Plan meeting, with a brilliant turn out of more than 70 residents of the Parish of Kidmore End, and many more expressing an interest, but sending apologies for absence.

The Kidmore End Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan Public Meeting was held on 7th July held at the Diamond Jubilee Pavilion, Gallowstree Common Recreation Ground.

We held the meeting to:

  • discuss how a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) would affect the Parish,
  • give parishioners the opportunity to be updated about NDPs and ask questions, and
  • find out, if there is a decision to go forward with a NDP, whether there are parishioners who would be willing to be on a steering committee or support with the survey.

There were many offers for both roles, but if you were unable to attend and would like to volunteer, please contact me via email at

The meeting was very constructive. There were presentations by Sue Biggs, the Chairman of the Parish Council,  and Ricardo Rios, a planning officer from South Oxfordshire District Council.  Our district councillor, Rob Simister, fielded some of the questions from the floor and 7 of your parish councillors attended.

To download the presentation, click here or on the image below. You will need a PDF reader to be able to open it.

kidmore end oxfordshire neighbourhood development plan


The next step is for the Parish Council to debate the matter at its next meeting, after which councillors will vote on whether to proceed with starting the process of a NDP.  If the decision is made to proceed, a steering group will be formed, comprising councillors and residents who have volunteered.

Please find below some more useful information about this topic and watch this space for more information.


Neighbourhood Development Plan

What is a NDP?

A neighbourhood development plan, also known as a neighbourhood plan, is written by local people, ‘made’ or adopted by the district council and becomes part of the development plan, which helps to decide planning applications. It takes national planning policy and guidance into account and is ‘in general conformity’ with the district council’s planning policy.

Who prepares a neighbourhood plan?

Most neighbourhood plans in this district are prepared by town or parish councils.If a neighbourhood plan meets basic conditions, set out in law and checked by an independent examiner, the community will have the opportunity to vote on the plan at a referendum. If more than 50% of the people who vote say ‘yes’, the district council will formally ‘make’ the plan and use it to help decide planning matters.

For further information, visit the following websites:

  • South Oxfordshire District Council – Neighbourhood Plans
  • An example of  a neighbourhood plan – of Longworth, a small village in the Vale of White Horse District.
  • See how Shiplake are working on their neighbourhood plan (they are ahead in the process and their website provides  information too)
  • Locality – road map guide to NDP
  • Government pages


Sue Biggs

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