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Proposal to reduce the number of parish councillors on the Parish Council from 12 to 10

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The parish council asked South Oxfordshire District Council to conduct a review to consider reducing the number of parish councillors on Kidmore End from 12 to 10 to reflect the reduced electorate that has existed since 1977 when the boundary of the parish was changed as a result of the transfer of properties to Reading Borough Council. The district council supports the reduction as a reasonable and sustainable level of representation.

South Oxfordshire District Council would like to know your views on whether the number of parish councillors on Kidmore End Council should be reduced. The district council is not proposing any changes to any of the parish council’s other community governance arrangements.

Any comments should address whether the reduction will provide effective and convenient representation of local residents at parish level having regard to the size and population of the local community.

The closing date for comments is 30 November 2017.

You can let South Oxfordshire District Council know your comments by emailing or alternatively in writing to

Steven Corrigan
Democratic Services Manager
South Oxfordshire District Council
Legal and Democratic Services
135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB


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