NDP November 2017 Update

kidmore end parish council

The NDP steering group met again in November, at a time when confirmation on housing numbers had been received from SODC.

The planning team concluded, from the SODC Emerging Local Plan 2033, which states that small villages need to grow by at least 5% or between 5% – 10%, that Kidmore End is the only village in the parish to be considered a ‘small village’. Gallowstree Common and Tokers Green are considered “other”, whereas Cane End and Chalkhouse Green are not considered in the plan.

The Kidmore End Parish NDP will consider 5% – 10% to be the target allocation. Kidmore End village currently has 132 houses. This means that the target growth rate of 5% – 10% is between 6 – 13 new builds.  There have been 19 new builds in the parish since 2011, only one in Kidmore End village.

The area of designation is the boundary line of the area of the neighbourhood development plan –  the steering group has resubmitted a revised area of designation at the request of SODC.

The consultation for the area of designation process will take 6 weeks ending on 4th December. All residents are welcome to comment on the proposed plan and boundary.Once the area of designation has been confirmed by SODC, a number of grants can be applied for to cover the cost of the NDP process.

The steering group are planning a public consultation which will take place in late February on a Saturday during the day and a Wednesday evening (potential dates 24th and the 28th  to enable as many people as possible across the parish the opportunity to attend.

The first public consultation will inform the public about:

· The NDP process

· The reason for having a NDP in the parish

· The decisions that will need to be made

· The upcoming household survey

The feedback from the initial consultation meetings will help to inform the questions for the household survey.

From the public meeting in July, there is a list of about 20+ people who have volunteered to distribute and collect the survey to each household – we will be in contact with these volunteers in the New Year.

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