51% of waste you put into your grey bin could have been recycled

Grey Wheelie Bins

More than half of the waste in grey bins in South Oxfordshire can be recycled, according to a review South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) carried out recently.

SODC announced, in its quarterly newsletter, Outlook, that it noticed that recycling rates had started to decline, so theyinvestigated what kinds of things were going into bins across the district.

south oxfordshire bin recycling

Its review showed that on average, more than half of the waste found in the grey bins checked could have been recycled. By far the biggest issue was that nearly 30 per cent of the total waste in the grey bins was made up of recyclable food waste! Just so you know, the district council use the contents of your food waste bin to generate electricity and to produce a rich natural fertiliser that is used of farmland right here in Oxfordshire.

SODC want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle their food waste so, over the coming months they will provide some residents with free food waste caddy liners. This is part of a county wide project supported by Oxfordshire County Council – who are supplying the liners, and Agrivert – the food waste processor.

Recycling your food waste is better for the environment and saves money. SODC will monitor the amount of food waste collected and hope this will increase significantly over the coming months.

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