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Sonning Common Health Centre Patient Participation Group

sonning common health centre ppg

In Sonning Common we have a forward thinking Health Centre, which includes a Patient Participation Group (PPG).

The PPG is a group of patient volunteers, who provide a link between patients and the Health centre, to the benefit of both.

The PPG has recently been reformed and the members now reflect a reasonable cross-section of people to represent our local community.

We meet every 6  – 8 weeks to discuss a variety of topics. We have asked patients’ needs by carrying out surveys. In the most recent, carried out in 2014, access and information issues were identified.

This resulted in improvements to car parking, entrance door, display of information ( e.g. Waiting room screen) and updating the new patients booklet.


Patient involvement

We welcome ideas, views and needs from all patients of Sonning Common Health Centre (no need to be a PPG member) on how the provision of care and environment can be improved

Early in 2018 we plan to have another survey, asking for patients’ views on a variety of items and identifying local issues that will affect patients.

Please look out for that as the more replies we receive, the easier it is to plan for the needs of our community. Your comments will count.
Future Plans

The Health Centre and PPG are exploring whether patients would be interested in events which could improve their understanding of health issues, such as Dementia, Smoking (National No Smoking Day is on 14/3/2018), and Nutrition. Sugesstions for other topics are welcome.
How to contact us 

sonning common health centre ppg

You can get in touch by email, visiting our page or use any of the PPG ‘Contact’ forms at the Health Centre Reception. Please allow 5 working days for a reply.


We look forward to hear from you, with our best wishes

PPG team



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