NDP January 2018 Update

kidmore end parish council-3

kidmore end parish council-3

Here are the notes from the meeting held by the NDP Steering Group on 18th January 2018

• Following the 6 week consultation period, SODC has confirmed the Kidmore End area of designation.

• A grant from SODC of £5K has been received and banked with the Parish Council. An initial grant of £10K will also be applied for from the Big Lottery to assist with funding community consultations and surveys required for a NDP.

• Following a meeting with Louise Rawlins, the Community Engagement Officer SODC and Rachael Riach, the Planning Officer, they expressed approval for the Steering Group’s plan to run the survey itself using skill sets from within the community and support the Steering Group with all aspects of the survey as and when needed.

• The first community consultation date have been booked for the 24th February at Kidmore End School from 10am-3pm and a further evening consultation to be held in the Parish Room on the 28th February.

• At these consultations the NDP group will ask all parishioners to complete a short questionnaire on their views, needs and vision for the parish which will be used to form the basis of our NDP.

• As an NDP has not yet been approved, planning applications will still need to be considered by the KEPC as usual. However once the NDP is completed, the policies created as part of the NDP will provide the location and design of development within the parish. Currently, we are not far enough ahead in the NDP process to have identified possible sites or housing needs.

• The NDP group are also working on the project plan and timings.

• At the next meeting official sub /steering groups will be agreed to move the NDP forward using community expertise.

• The Chairman does not have any further clarity on the declaration of interest. It is proposed that any possible conflicts of interest are asked to be declared at the end of each session

Next meeting to be held on 19th February 2018 Diamond Pavilion Gallowstree Common

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