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reading golf club

reading golf club

Below is a statement written by Reading Golf Club following numerous rumours the future of the club.  The statement was originally written to Residents of Emmer Green.  The golf club has land in Reading Borough Council and South Oxfordshire District Council.  The land in SODC is located in the area of Chalkhouse Green.

“We recently made a communication to the members of Reading Golf Club Ltd regarding the future of our club. We have since been made aware of the speculation locally that this communication has caused. Our General Manager has met with members of the Emmer Green Residents Association and explained in detail the current situation.

As suggested by the EGRA, we have prepared this brief statement to clarify our current position.

Reading Golf Club has not entered into any agreements with developers. There is no planning permission in place – nor has planning permission been sought – for any part of our site. We have however taken what we regard as a prudent precaution of attempting to get our site included in the Local Plans for possible future development.

As other local clubs will testify, golf clubs nationwide are facing challenging times with declining memberships and revenues. We are not immune from these threats to our future. In the light of this, and with some large capital expenditure projects on the horizon, we have been considering all options to secure our financial security.

We are actively exploring options to relocate the club. Such a move would allow the club to provide the sort of golfing and additional leisure facilities required to provide a sustainable business model for the future.

Should a suitable site for relocation be found and a decision then made to relocate, we are committed to finding reputable development partners with whom to work. We are fully aware of our responsibility to the local community to find suitable solutions to issues arising from any such development.

This process could take several years and is currently at its embryonic stage. However, when and if any planning applications are drawn up and submitted, there is unanimity between the Directors of the Club that we would seek development partners sympathetic to the requirements of our local community.

Colin Reed Chairman

For and on behalf of The Board of Directors of Reading Golf Club”


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