NDP household survey briefing session

kidmore end ndp household survey

Following the first NDP meeting in July, a number of residents offered to volunteer to distribute and collect the household survey that is going to every household in the Parish at the end of April and beginning of May.

At the moment, we have 6 volunteers from Gallowstree Common, 5 from Kidmore End, 3 from Chalkhouse Green, 2 from Tokers Green and ‘potentially’ 1 from Cane End.

What will volunteers do?

Volunteers (who are residents in the Parish ) will need to distribute and subsequently collect surveys in a specific area.

They will attend a NDP briefing session on either Tuesday 17th or Thursday 19th of April 2018, at 7.30pm at the Diamond Jubilee Pavilion in Gallowstree Common.

How can you help?

Any resident of the parish can help, but in particular

If you live in Tokers Green or Cane End (or know someone who does and would like to help), we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us by emailing and we will be in touch immediately.

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