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Report of the Chairman of the Kidmore End Playing Fields Committee, 2017/18



The Kidmore End Playing Fields Committee, a registered charity, is responsible for the management of the Gallowstree Common Recreation Ground and the Diamond Jubilee Pavilion. It meets on a regular bi-monthly basis.

During the year, the Football Club approached the Committee to change its relationship from a partner to the Committee to that of a regular hirer. After discussion at the regular meetings where the Football Club were present, the Committee accepted that the relationship needed to change. This is regretted as the football has been played at the Recreation Ground since the Parish Council acquired the land in 1948, and, indeed, probably before the Second World War. Currently there are two football teams using the pitch and it hoped that an arrangement will be in place to continue to accommodate football at the Recreation Ground during the coming winter. This winter has been very wet and the clubs, together with the League, are struggling to complete their fixtures. However, despite the demands of the League, the Committee has to ensure the continued condition of the pitch.

The Cricket Club has done well during the year and continues to play an active part in the ongoing affairs of the Committee and the maintenance of the Ground. The Ground, the cricket square and the facilities at the Pavilion all continue to receive top marks from the league.

The Pavilion continues to be hired on a regular basis for yoga, pilates, dance, sewing, birthday parties and the like. The Pavilion offers excellent facilities for these types of activities and has a wonderful outgoing aspect. There has been an outstanding amount of work done on the peripheries of the Ground, tidying up the overgrowth and removing unnecessary clutter around the premises.

As the Chairman of the Parish Council has reported, the Council has paid for a new centrepiece of play equipment in the play area at some considerable cost. The play area has been inspected and no material faults have been found that require rectification.

The Committee is working hard to reduce the costs of running the Pavilion. The Pavilion is now 6 years old and is starting to require regular maintenance and some tender loving care. There has been an initial inspection of the Pavilion and during the coming year there is budget to allow for a full reported inspection which will be the basis of a maintenance schedule going forward.

During the coming summer at the end of May, there will be a family musical event at the Recreation Ground. This will be advertised locally. This will raise money for the ongoing facilities and has received significant sponsorship thanks to members of the Cricket Club.

I would like to thank all those who support the activities at the Recreation Ground and Pavilion for their ongoing commitment. They are all volunteers and regularly give freely of their time and energy. It is much appreciated.

Iain Pearson

14 April 2018

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