NDP Household Survey general information

Copy of Report of the Chairman of the Parish Council 2017-2018-3

Kidmore End Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Household Survey


We are now at the stage where we need your input again and ask you to complete the Kidmore End Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Household Survey.

We would like everyone in the Parish – over 16 years of age to complete the survey. Our preference is for as many as possible to be completed online.

To encourage as many residents as possible to complete the survey, it is available in both hard copy and online.

Hard Copy Survey

This will be delivered to each household in the next week by local residents who have kindly agreed to help. These will be left with each household and collected before the 6th of May 2018, which will be specified.

Should you need extra copies please let us know by emailing or let the volunteer know.


Online Survey

The exact same survey is available to be completed online and can be found here.


If you have any questions, please refer to the NDP section on this website and feel free to contact us via email.


Sue Biggs



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