NDP May 2018 Update

kidmore end parish council-13

£1197.16 of the budget has been spent to date.

The household survey cost £634.75 which was for printing and Facebook advertising.

Henley Standard call for sites advert cost £276.67.

Technical help for the call for sites from Locality has been requested. This will include support on defining the criteria for the site/s and site allocation. A sub group has been set up discuss site selection and allocation.

The survey results were presented. The steering group discussed the results and the next steps.  The summary/key findings of the results  will be sent to SODC and placed on the website, newsletter and noticeboards in parish.

It was suggested that following the call for sites a pop-up event might be held in early July to provide a more detailed update for residents.

To date there has been no response to the call for sites advert. The call for sites remains open until the 15thJune.

There was a discussion about the next steps and whether landowners in Kidmore End should be approached directly and agreed this should be undertaken.

Following the meeting SODC announced that the emerging local plan was to be updated and that 2 sites within the parish of Kidmore End would be included for assessemnt, Reading Golf Club and Palmers Riding Stables, due to these circumstances the group decided to hold off contacting landowners until more information was available.  It was also discussed that the information relating to call for sites was widely available as it is on the website.

The options for a landscape sensitivity study was discussed. As the majority of the parish is within the Chilterns AONB  the study will cover the remaining land in the parish to the south which falls outside of AONB. A brief will be be written and 3 quotes requested to undertake this project.

The strategic plan was discussed and the draft vision and objectives outlined.  A sub group is working on this aspect of the plan.

Local appeals and the SODC emerging plan were discussed.

Task list and data protection were discussed.

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