Kidmore End parish NDP household survey – Key Findings

Thank you to everyone in the parish who took the time to complete the NDP Household Survey, which took place in early May 2018.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time to deliver paper copies of the survey to each of the 552 houses in our parish. These doorstep conversations really helped raise awareness of the importance of the survey and we are delighted that as a result we received 550 responses from residents and good representation across the five villages.

Most of the questions in the survey asked for quantitative information relating to housing needs and preferences and this data is being carefully analysed by village and age group. The last two questions in the survey asked for views and comments relating to our parish overall and many residents chose to answer these questions too. Together, this rich set of quantitative and qualitative information will be used to guide the creation of the policies within our NDP.

More detailed information will be made available shortly, but in the meantime, here are the key findings:

  • The Kidmore End NDP survey ran from 21st April to 9th May 2018.
  • 28 volunteers delivered hard copies of the survey and accompanying letter to every household in the parish.
  • The survey was promoted on the parish website and via Facebook and posters were put up around the parish and in the pubs.
  • 459 surveys were completed online via SurveyMonkey and 91 paper surveys were collected and inputted by volunteers, and of these 546 chose to specify their village.

kidmore end ndp survey results

  • Residents who are considering moving house in the next 5 years expressed the greatest need for 3 bedroom homes, with a slightly greater need for bungalows than houses.
  • In terms of preferences for future housing, the key themes are consistent with the feedback provided at the initial community engagement events in February and showed a large degree of consistency across the five villages and the different age groups.
  • Residents favour small development sites which protect the rural and small community feel of the parish.
  • Residents feel strongly about the beautiful countryside surrounding our villages and want to protect the village and parish boundaries.
  • Respondents feel that consideration should be given to the impact of new developments on local roads (traffic volume, speed, state of repair).
  • Respondents also expressed concern for the pressure that any significant development might put on existing local infrastructure and amenities (and particularly facilities such as the Health Centre in Sonning Common).

Thank you once again for supporting the NDP process. More detailed data from the survey will be made available in the coming weeks.

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