Important news that could impact the parish boundary with Reading

local plan

local plan

Development pressures in our part of the world are mounting, with developers applying to build on land in Tokers Green and on neighbouring land in Emmer Green and Sonning Common, and with new uncertainty about the future of Reading Golf Club.

There has been no respite since then and events have now taken an unexpected turn, and not in a good way.

SODC are in the process of deciding where in South Oxfordshire they think new houses, retail and employment should be located up until 2033, and the infrastructure required to support it (the ‘Emerging Local Plan’). This has been in development for over 3 years and sites in Culham, Wheatley, Berinsfield and Chalgrove Airfield were being proposed for housing development.

SODC have now informed us that they are reviewing the Plan and will reassess the proposed housing sites. They will be considering, amongst other sites, two new sites in our parish: Reading Golf Club and Palmer’s Riding Stables.

Both sites are on the parish boundary and have serious implications for the countryside within the parish.  There is a risk of sprawl moving towards all the villages, in the first instance Chalkhouse Green.  However, the impact on all the infrastructure in the parish would be significant as the possible number of houses at Reading Golf Club is 450. Palmer’s Riding Stables is a smaller site, but still quite large.

The Parish Council are very concerned and held a special meeting to discuss this on 6thJune. We have written to SODC firmly stating the Council’s strong objections to both these sites being included in the emerging Local Plan. You can download the letter here.

If you would like to put your views to SODC, we would urge you to write to our District Councillor Robert Simister (via email at and/or Adrian Duffield (via email at, Head of Planning at SODC.

You can also send a letter to Adrian Duffield at South Oxfordshire District Council, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB.

If you prefer, you can leave your comments by completing the form below. This will trigger an email which will be sent directly to us. We will then forward the comments to the lead planning officer.

Information on the emerging Local Plan can be found on SODC’s website.


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