NDP June 2018 Update

kidmore end parish council-12

A Call for Sites sub-group has been created.

Research of the land registers has been undertaken and we have identified who owns land in the parish  mainly around the village of Kidmore End.

As per the previous minutes it had been agreed that we would contact all land owners around the village of Kidmore End regarding the Call for Sites. However, due to the update in SODC’s Emerging Local Plan including 2 sites within the parish for assessment this action was halted until further information is available.

In response to our Call for Sites advert, 4 pieces of land were put forward.

Everyone who has made a submission has been contacted.

We have been allocated a consultant from Locality, The next step is to have a discussion with the consultant about how to set the criteria for site selection in a robust manner and in line with community requirements and also to get clarification on some outstanding questions such as the site allocated for planning by SODC at the old Thai restaurant in Cane End.

The contract for the Land Sensitivity study has been allocated and the work has commenced with a member of the group working alongside the company. The first draft should be ready at the beginning of July, with a summary will be available for distribution later in July

Strategy update was given and the sub group will now also work on policy writing.  The possibilities of open spaces and green infrastructure were discussed.

There was discussion on the impact of the SODC emerging local plan being updated and 15 sites including 2 on the boundary within the parish are being considered.  Site assessment by SODC is due to be completed at the end of July which will confirm whether or not the two sites in Kidmore End Parish will be included for consideration. SODC will find out in July whether the government will give a time extension to the date for the completion of the Local Plan.

The Kidmore End Parish Council had already held a special meeting and a letter written to Jane Murphy and copied to other local councillors. No response had been received.  Information about the updated emerging Local Plan and how to contact the council are on the KEPC website as well as a comments box so that people can give their views.

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