NDP September 2018 update

ndp update september 2018

ndp update september 2018

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting, Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

Date: 11th September 2018 at 7.30pm at Gallowstree Common Pavilion

1. Declaration of Interest

Since the last meeting SODC have provided their comments on the draft Declaration of Interest. The Steering Group compared two versions and SODC code of conduct; a draft by steering group member and the one used by another steering group. Feedback was that draft by other group good but too narrow. The Steering Group were reminded that individuals will not be responsible for the allocation of sites, The NDP will be approved based on evidence. It was recognised that whilst all Steering Group members could be impacted by the NDP, members need to abide by their remit. If a member feels conflicted, they should point this out and possibly excuse themselves.

It was agreed that the Code of Conduct will be adopted. Reference was made to note 13 & 17 of Code of Conduct

To convert the Code of Conduct into Word for everyone to sign. All Steering Group members will sign it and scanned copies will be held

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

3. Update on Budget

Budget – nothing has been spent since the last meeting. Sue has applied for a grant for the Public consultation for £2,264 for printing and public consultations, this was approved by Locality. Grant must be spent by 31 March 2019. Current available funds £3461.16

4. Grant application to Locality

Prior to the July meeting a request for funding for a technical package to cover gathering the Evidence Base and Policy Development. The package is being updated and despite follow up phone call we do not know if we are getting the package or not yet.

We have received technical support relating to the Call for Sites. However there are a number of issues that the consultant has raised with SODC and, as a result, has pushed their involvement over the allotted time. The consultant has applied for the facilitation package, allowing him to extend the time line. This package has been approved and is being used to resolve the issues with SODC to enable the completion of the Call for Sites process.

No action

5. Call for Sites update

The Neighbourhood Development Plan – Call for Sites Progress report for August 2018 – This has been posted on KEPC Website. Since the last NDP meeting, there has been a meeting with the Independent Planning Consultant who visited various sites across the Parish as well as all the villages to better understand the Parish and its complexities.

As there were a number of issues outstanding with SODC, which are pertinent to the Call for Sites process, the process was put on hold until these issues can be resolved. This has given us the opportunity to keep the Call for Sites open until the 17th September 2018 at 10am and this has been posted on the KEPC website. The planning consultant has confirmed again that we do not need to pro-actively contact land-owners or their agents regarding possible sites to put on the Call for Sites Register.

A Facilitation process was opened on 1st August 2018 to enable the Call for Sites Sub Group and the Planning Consultant to clarify and resolve the issues with SODC. A meeting has been scheduled for 3rd October with planning officer and other members of the SODC to address this.

In the meantime the Planning Consultant has suggested we take a pro-active approach to the Call for Sites Process once the Call for Sites ends on the 17th September 2018 at 10am. He will start to assess the SODC SHELAA sites and the sites that have been put forward on the CFS Register.

A report on Call for Sites will be presented to the steering group once the Facilitation meeting has been held with SODC and the responses to the outstanding issues have been resolved and can be taken into account in the report. More information on all the sites that have been put forward and assessed will be available at this time.

There is a SODC meeting in December when the Emerging Local Plan may be approved and when information about which strategic sites are to remain in the plan, will be in the public domain.

6. Landscape study/Sensitivity study

The final version has been completed with no further comments received from the Steering Group.

Send the final version to the following: Parish Council, Leader of SODC (Jane Murphy), Planning officers CCB, CPRE, Sonning Common PC, Reading BC, E & D parish council, Matt Rodda MP, John Howell MP, Kevin Bulmer (CC), Rob Simister (DC), Adrian Duffield (SODC Planning Officer), KE Website, Dropbox, Felix Bloomfield (SODC Planning Cabinet member).

7. Strategy / Policy update:

A draft of the road safety policy has been created.

There needs to be liaison between the call for sites sub-group and the policy group to ensure the points raised by Aecom are incorporated. This will happen after the first draft call for sites report from Aecom.

A meeting between the two groups when the report is received.

9. SODC updated emerging Local Plan and implications:

The Government has strongly suggested that SODC must produce their Local Plan by March 2019. The next draft of the plan will go to the District Council in December.

There are no further actions until more information is available.

10. Planning update

The Elms appeal is going ahead. Kidmore End Parish Council will send a paper to inspector stating reasons for objections

Highdown Avenue planning application – a strong letter against the plans was submitted by RBC. Planning decision by 1st October

Gladman appeal – the appeal finished at the end of August with strong cases from SODC and CAGE. A decision is expected on 25th October.

11. Update on project plan:

Work on an updated project plan. Key activities required within the project plan include:
• Informal consultations regarding the vision and objectives, policies and call for sites
• Hold a draft neighbourhood plan pre-submission consultation, which is required for six weeks (Regulation 14).
o SODC is required to give a formal response to this.
o The steering group would then review whether or not more information is required and whether amendments are necessary.
• A full consultation statement is required to show how views have been taken into account throughout the process.
• The draft NDP is then submitted to SODC.
• SODC holds a formal consultation with the Parish which is another 6 week process
• Independent examination takes place, which takes 4 – 8 weeks. If the examiner decides there needs to be a hearing, more time will be required
• Preparation for the Referendum – 28 days notice needs to be given for the referendum, which takes place on one day.

The aim is for the Kidmore End NDP to be completed by November 2019 This aims to align with the ratification of the SODC Local Plan.

To update the project plan into a more user friendly format

12. Update on writing up the NDP document:

Steering group members to ensure all documentation is produced in Word format and made available on Dropbox. A group member will manage the version control.

13. Reading Golf Club:

An update was provided on the latest meeting held by the Golf Club.

14. AOB:

The content and format of the next public consultation was discussed. It was proposed that the Steering Group prepare to deliver a presentation of the progress made so far and that the consultation takes place after the completion of the call for sites process.

15. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting will be on 16th October at the Pavilion in Gallowstree Common at 7.30pm.

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