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Have you ever thought of becoming an on-call firefighter?

on call firefighters oxfordshire

A message from Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service (OFRS)

on call firefighters oxfordshire
Do you want to earn extra money, serve your community and save lives in a rewarding role? If so, a career as an On-call Firefighter might be just the thing for you.

On-call Firefighters are the backbone of the fire service and anyone can be one. If you’re employed full-time, are a parent, out of employment or just have some spare time, you can respond to emergency calls.

On-call Firefighters are trained and paid for their time and service – and on average are expected to be called out two or three times each week for about an hour at a time – ┬áthis can be at night or during the day.

on call firefighters 1

They are looking for anyone over the age of 18, who is physically fit (this can be worked on), doesn’t suffer from vertigo, claustrophobia or dislike the sight of blood. They need good common sense, to be enthusiastic, reliable and honest.
If this sounds of interest, please visit

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