NDP May 2019 Update

Notes of Steering Group Meeting,Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

7th May 2019 at 7.30pm at Pavilion Gallowstree Common

1. Declaration of interest

No new declarations since the last minute.


2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


3. Discussion on Topic Paper

The Steering Group discussed the draft Topic Paper. The group thanked those involved for creating such a logical and comprehensive document. Suggestions were made on how to improve clarity in some areas, as, once complete, this document will be communicated to the wider community.

Actions: Steering Group to submit suggested amendments. Once amended document will send to SODC.

Once the Topic Paper is approved by SODC the next step is to publish the Topic Paper along with the Sites Options and Assessment Report and the Facilitation Report on the KEPC website. Land owners will receive letters on Parish council headed paper to notify them that the results of the call for sites process have been published. Where possible this will be sent out by e-mail from the KEPC NDP e-mail address. If an e-mail address is not available then this will be sent out on KEPC headed paper to the address on the land registry document. Land Owners will be asked to comment on the outcome should they wish to do so.


4. Discussion on Policy Paper

The Steering Group discussed the Policy Paper. As with the topic paper, feedback from the group was very positive, thanking those involved. The policy paper has been created to represent the aims of the policies and will be used to as a framework for the next consultation with the community. It does not represent actual policy wording as this will be crafted once the policy aims have been agreed. The nature of the suggested policies and policy aims have been drafted as a result of input from the community. The Policy Paper will go to Aecom for them to provide their input on the Steering Group’s approach to creating policies. It was noted that Aecom’s focus is on land use rather than on broader policies.

A meeting will be requested with Aecom to talk through the paper in advance of Aecom providing their written advice. Aecom are contracted to provide just one round of feedback. Following Aecom’s feedback the Policy paper will be updated and sent to SODC.

Actions: Document to be updated incorporating feedback from the Steering Group. A meeting will be set up with Aecom and, following Aecom’s feedback, send the final draft to SODC.


5. Discussion of village boundaries

The Steering Group discussed possible settlement boundaries for the different villages. Discussion covered the pros and cons of allocating settlement boundaries, where the boundaries might lie and how green spaces might be allocated. It was agreed that as Chalkhouse Green and Cane End are already considered open countryside there is no need to consider boundaries for these settlements.

Actions: To make the maps that have been generated available to the steering group. The Steering Group to review the suggested boundaries for Kidmore End, Gallowstree Common and Tokers Green and provide feedback . A vote will be taken at the next meeting to agree whether or not boundaries should be allocated.


6. Next steps

The next steps in the NDP process are to complete the actions above relating to the topic paper, policy paper and settlement boundaries.


7. Public Consultation

The Steering Group are keen to agree a time frame to carry out the next community consultation. The date cannot be set until advice is received from SODC on the Topic Paper and Policy Paper. An update of current situation of NDP steering group were included in parish newsletter, on website and on notice boards throughout the parish as agreed at last meeting


8. Updates

Reading Golf Club – following the decision of Reading Golf Club to sell the whole site, it is unclear whether the 90 – 120 houses originally in the Reading Local plan are still being considered. Further updates will be provided as they become available.

Gladman’s – planning has been refused with no route to further appeal.

The Reformation – SODC has turned down the application for the Valued Community Asset.

Community Shop survey – a survey has been circulated around Kidmore End village to ask for feedback on the appetite of residents for a volunteer led community shop.


9. AOB:

Nothing declared.

10. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for 11th June.

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