NDP July 2019 Update

Copy of Copy of NDP Update Kidmore End Parish Council

Notes of Steering Group Meeting, Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

16th July 2019 at 7.30pm at the Parish Rooms, Kidmore End


1. Present

Sue Biggs, Anna Vorster, Rex Butters, Peter Ward, Mike Bishop, Sonia Rayner, Jane Williams

Apologies – Iain Pearson, Anna Cronin-Scott, Lyn Stewart-Ashley, Ashley Ford, Bettina Kirkham, Judith Wright


2. Declaration of interest

No new declarations since the last minute.


3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


4. Discussion on Topic Paper

A vote was taken to adopt the Topic Paper following agreed amendments to the disclaimer and a couple of small final changes which were suggested and circulated to the Steering Group prior to the meeting. The vote was unanimous, with all those at the meeting voting in favour and other members not present having emailed their support for adoption in advance.

One of the final suggested changes was to rename the document as ‘Topic Paper’ doesn’t mean much to residents. The suggestion was to choose a name more closely related to the call for sites process such as ‘Call for Sites Process Paper’. The Steering Group agreed to a change of name.

Final amendments to be made, add the parish council logo and circulate.


5. Discussion on Policy Paper

A meeting was held with representatives from Aecom to discuss the approach for the policy writing. Aecom had put together a report based on old information which is now out of date, however, advice overall from Aecom has been helpful. For items that do not relate to land use, such as road safety, they can be included in the NDP as projects.

Aecom have collated policies from NDPs within SODC which the steering group can use to help with the draft wording and justifications.

Earlier in July, 2 members of the group attended a workshop on drafting policies. This gave a useful steer on how to be simple and clear and to avoid repeating policies within the Local Plan and instead to focus on local distinctions.

Every policy has to have justification. Jane is drafting the skeleton policies by combining our original draft with the key points raised in the Topic Paper and also by reviewing existing policies within SODC and ensuring the evidence gathered to date is appropriately referenced.

A point was raised regarding renewable energy solutions and whether this should be included in one of the policies.

To draft the skeleton policies and circulate by end July.

To look at existing policies relating to renewable energy solutions within the emerging Local Plan and the NPPF.

Contact Mapping from SODC to enquire about how to calculate housing densities within the parish / village to help us with our definition of parish / village character.


6. Discussion of village boundaries

The Steering Group reviewed the revised suggested settlement boundaries. Following a discussion, the seven members present at the meeting voted unanimously against boundaries as the potential disadvantages were seen to outweigh the potential advantages. It was decided that strong policies which emphasise the importance of retaining gaps between villages and respecting village boundaries was a better way of securing the outcome requested by parishioners in the household survey.


7. Next steps

The next steps in the NDP process are to publish the Topic Paper and both Aecom papers on the parish website. Landowners will be contacted regarding the outcomes of the call for sites process.

Meeting on 7th August to define programme of next steps for publishing the documents on the website.

Contact SODC to ask for a standard communication template for contacting landowners.

Write the letters to landowners and send via email.


8. Public Consultation

It was agreed that the two dates for the community event will be 14th September at Kidmore End Primary School from 11 – 3pm and 21st September at the Pavilion at Gallowstree Common from 2 – 6pm.

A grant has been applied for to pay two public events as it is anticipated that another event will be needed reasonably soon after the September one. The grant application is for £2,044.

Group looked at event guideline , with timescales for preparation for event.

To publicise the event a flyer will be delivered to each house in the parish and A4 posters will be displayed on the notice boards. Larger posters A1 will be put up in each village to advertise the events.

A sub-group will meet on 25th July at the Parish Rooms to define the objectives of the event, to plan the content and agree how it will be most effectively presented to residents.

Book parish rooms from 2 – 4.30.

The next full Steering Group Meeting in September will focus on the public event.
Invite Ricardo Rios and Robyn Tobutt from SODC to both events.


9. Finance and grant application

The only current grant application is for the community event. The only other monies spent have been on meeting venues.


10. SODC emerging local plan

Following the recent elections and the change in leadership and councillors at SODC, there is a possibility that the emerging local plan that has been submitted to the inspector may be left as is, revised or withdrawn. There is a full council meeting on 18th July when a decision regarding the local plan may be made.

Attend the council meeting


11. Steering Group 

A group member has resigned as they has moved out of the parish. The Steering Group expressed how much they have valued his input to date and agreed that he should be asked if his is willing to continue to support the process. SODC have been asked if this is possible and the response was that it is up to the Steering Group.


12. AOB

The project plan is to be updated to include key future milestones to the NDP completion.

The NDP template is to be updated.

Update the project plan and update the NDP template.


13. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for 4th September 7.30pm at the Gallowstree Common Pavilion. It will focus on finalising preparations for the community engagement event.

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