Call for Sites Process

call for sites

During the last year, the NDP Steering Committee has been working on the ‘Call for Sites’ process. This involved asking local landowners and agents if they had any land they wished to put forward for inclusion on a register of sites to be assessed and possibly be considered for development within the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

As part of the process, the group made the decision to engage an independent consultant to assess the sites and provide reports, which we are now sharing. The process has taken longer than anticipated due to changes in the SODC local plan and the reassessment within the latest version of the SODC Emerging Local Plan in May 2018 of 2 strategic sites that are within the NDP boundary. These sites were not included as strategic sites within the SODC Emerging Local Plan issued in December 2018 and with this knowledge the process could continue.

The following reports have been prepared by the independent consultant Aecom, and are as follows:

The NDP Steering Committee was advised by SODC to write a Housing Requirement and Allocation Paper prior to completing the process, this explains the reasoning behind the decision to include one small development within the village of Kidmore End in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The two independent reports should be read in conjunction with the Housing Requirement and Allocation Paper  as it explains the process and the information assembled, including the Household Survey, to enable the group to make a balanced decision.

There are many terms within the documents that are not used regularly, and with that in mind, we have prepared a glossary which you may find of use.


Please note that the Call for Sites CSF8 is not linked to the house known as Curtis Farm.

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