NDP Update September 2019

ndp update september 2019 kidmore end

 Minutes of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

 4th September 2019 at 7.30pm at The Parish Rooms, Kidmore End

ndp update september 2019 kidmore end

 1. Attendance

Present – Sue Biggs, Anna Vorster, Rex Butters, Mike Bishop, Jane Williams, Iain Pearson, Lyn Stewart-Ashley, Judith Wright

Apologies – Anna Cronin-Scott, Ashley Ford, Bettina Kirkham, Peter Ward, Sonia Rayner


2. Declaration of interest

No new declarations since the last minute.


3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


4. Update on call for sites information on website / landowners

Emails and letters were sent out to landowners who submitted a call for sites, site or via SODC SHELAA. Confirmation of receipt was requested. Three landowners have not responded. One letter has been received to question the result. All  the reports from the call for sites process are  now on the parish website.


5. Update on policies / workshop

Policy document has been  submitted t to Aecom in July and received feedback in early September. Feedback was positive overall with a few comments and suggested refinements. Road safety is now being included as a policy not a project. An Environmental policy is also being added. Housing densities have been calculated for each village and these will now be incorporated in the policy document. Diagrams will be added to illustrate some of the key points relating to the policies.

The community event will ask residents for their feedback on the policy themes (not the policy wording) and the policy document will then be updated once more and SODC will be asked for their feedback at this point.

A policy workshop on 3rd September was attended by group member. There is now a big push on renewable energies which is in contrast to advice received a couple of years ago. Questions on sustainability and the environment are included in the survey being conducted at the community events and the Steering Group will review the feedback received.

There is still no conclusion from SODC on whether we need to complete a Strategic Environmental Assessment despite completing the application form and submitting it to SODC over a year ago.


To continue to update the policy document once additional information is received.


6. Public Event Planning

Posters are up and flyers have been distributed to all houses and put up in the pub. The information boards have been designed and will be printed ready for the event. Facebook updates and email reminders are being posted in the run up to the events.

A laptop/laptops will be available with the full results of the Household Survey on and the main reports written to date will be printed and bound.

Volunteers were agreed to set up and support the community events.

Refreshments will be provided.

Steering group members undertaking various actions to support the public events.

Printing and binding of one of each of the main call for sites reports and documents will be completed for the events and kept for further events.


7. Finance and Grant application

The grant for the public events has been received. No other grants have been applied for.

The costs of designing and printing the material for the public event is higher that the estimated costs applied for in the grant , this issue will be discussed with Locality


8. AOB

SODC is seeking advice from various stakeholders on the Emerging Local Plan.  A cabinet meeting and council meeting will be  taking place in October. The Steering Group remain abreast of the situation.


9. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be Tuesday 15th October. This meeting will be to discuss how to feed the information gathered at the community events back to the community and how to start writing the NDP.


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