NDP update October 2019

NDP Update October 2019

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

15th October 2019 at 7.30pm at The Pavilion, Gallowstree Common

NDP Update October 2019


1. Declaration of interest

Now that the NDP has got to the stage of formally discussing sites, declarations of interest were stated by those living close by sites being considered. Member of the group declared an interest living close to CSF8 CFS10. and to CFS4.


2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


3. Feedback on the Community Engagement Events

The events went very well. Key feedback was that the material was informative and professional.

98 people attended the events, 59 at the first in Kidmore End and 39 at the second in Gallowstree Common. The survey received 120 responses, 113 online and 7 hard copies.

Lots of comments have been received as part of the survey. Ideas for environmental policies were requested but few ideas of substance were received.

The survey responses are in line with the initial feedback given by the community at the first event in February 2018. The Household survey achieved a greater response rate with more than 500 responses. The Steering Group discussed what could be done to ensure a high response rate at the time of the referendum.

The next step is to analyse the feedback from the survey so that it can be used to inform the policies. The results of the survey will also be communicated to residents. This will be done through the KEPC website and in the Parish newsletter. The aim is to get as many people to go to the website as possible as this is where all the NDP information is held. The school newsletter and the two pubs will notify residents that the results are on the website. Facebook, email will also be used.

To input hard copy surveys and produce survey data
To identify the key themes from the comments
The survey outcomes to be sent to the policy sub group so that they can inform the policies
Once the analysis is complete to agree how the results will be made available to the community
To talk to SODC about how to get maximum number of people voting at the referendum and, for example, whether we can we have more than one polling station.
To discuss working with children at school with Mrs Hull Headteacher about the environment.


4. Updates on sites and landowners

Following the emails to landowners advising them that all information was on the KEPC website, the only landowner not to respond was the landowner of Palmers Riding Stables. After the 6 week consultation period emails were received from 3 landowners:
• The landowner of CFS8 confirmed that the land remains available
• The landowner of CFS4 wrote to advise that the status of the land has changed from unavailable to available
• 2 emails were received from the landowner of CFS10 to state that he disagrees with Aecom report regarding the Red rating allocated to the site due to the revised Tree Preservation Order dated 12th December 2018.

SODC advised the Steering Group that if they are contacted by landowners during the consultation period to reply and confirm that all comments would be reviewed at the end of the consultation period. This action was taken with all landowners in this category.
SODC have advised the Steering Group to add and record an amendment to the Housing Requirement and Allocation Topic Paper confirming the change of status of CFS4 and any changes to CFS 10 relating to the TPO. Aecom’s advice will be sought regarding the impact these changes have on the rating of the sites although as their original report states in the disclaimer it is based on the information available atthe time.

To request clarification from Aecom regarding the potential change of status to CFS4 and CFS10.
To contact SODC regarding update of tree preservation order and environmental issues,
Meet to discuss update of topic paper and outcome of consultations with Aecom and SODC.
To update the Housing Requirement and Allocation Topic Paper – to be discussed at the next meeting.


5. Update on plan policies

SODC have verbally confirmed there is no need to complete a Strategic Environmental Assessment. Although they haven’t confirmed in writing as yet

Initial feedback has been received from Aecom regarding the intended nature of the NDP policies. Aecom are largely supportive of the direction and details provided to date.

Following the analysis of the recent community survey the policy wording will be written in detail and submitted to SODC for their input.

SODC have confirmed that they are willing to support the incorporation of environmental aspects into policy wording.

To use Aecom’s feedback and the information gathered in the community survey to produce detailed policy wording.
SODC to provide guidance on environmental policy wording.
All time with Aecom used.
Obtain written confirmation that they have completed paperwork to confirm that we do not need an SEA.


6. Preparation of the NDP

The Steering Group agreed that we are reaching the stage where the NDP can commence being written. The Housing Requirement and Allocation Housing Requirement and Allocation Topic paper will be used as the starting point.

Everyone on the Steering Group to look at a range of NDPs to get an idea of content and format.
The key people putting the content together for review will meet in a workshop setting – date to be confirmed
A member volunteered to write the glossary of terms.


7. Update on Finance and Grants

£2k was requested for the public consultation printing and advertising. We can request up to £9k of grant money.Slightly more was spent than anticipated however we still have £1k for the next community event.
Need to think about environmental aspect of posters – will offer outside posters to school so they get re used.


8. AOB

The South Oxfordshire Emerging Local Plan remains under temporary Direction from the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government, meaning that currently the emerging plan has no effect. The temporary Direction was issued on 9th October 2019. The Steering Group remains abreast of the situation. This means that currently the group take direction from the Core Strategy ratified 2012.


9. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 19th November at 7.30pm at the Pavilion. This meeting will be to discuss:
• Responses from SODC
• Update regarding landowners and status of sites
• Update regarding the communication of the survey results
• Feedback on progress with policies
• Progress report on framework for the NDP

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