NDP Update November 2019

NDP Update November 2019-2

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

19th November 2019 at 7.30pm, The Parish Rooms, Wood Lane, Kidmore End

NDP Update November 2019-2


1. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.


2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


3. Feedback on the Topic Paper and amendments

Following feedback from landowners of the sites assessed during the Call for Sites process, suggested amendments to the Housing requirement and Allocation paper have been submitted to SODC for comments and should be available next week. Once this is achieved the papers will be reviewed by the steering group as below and revised with feedback from landowners.

A proposal was put to the Steering Group that following the receipt of comments from SODC, the updated draft be submitted to all Steering Group members by email. If the majority of the group agree with the changes, the amendments to the Housing requirement and Allocation paper will be communicated to the community and the landowners. The Steering Group agreed with this proposal.


To circulate the proposed updates to the Steering Group. When returned from SODC and if agreed by the steering group, Anna to update the Housing requirement and Allocation paper. To post on the Parish Council website.


4. Community Survey results and feedback to the community

The group reviewed the draft survey results and approved them, subject to a few amendments, for communication to the community.

Prior to the meeting the group had been emailed mapping of community issues to policies. The group reviewed the mapping of community issues to policies and agreed that this document is useful to demonstrate to the community how the feedback from the survey will inform the policies.

Following the last session, confirmation has been sought from SODC of the fact that the referendum is based on a simple majority with no minimum numbers of voters.

We are is in contact with the team from SODC who specialises in voting matters to confirm whether more than one polling stations can be set up in the Parish.

A comment from the survey related to how to find information on the NDP pages of the parish council website.

To update the draft survey presentation. To post on the website.

To update the document mapping community issues to the policies. To post on the website.

To talk to webmaster and ask them to create a separate link on the NDP page to NDP Evidence and Reports to ensure all reports and survey information can be more easily found.


5. Letter from residents who live near site CFS8

A letter has been received from residents dated 11.11.2019 who have raised a number of points, issues and concerns . The same letter was also sent to the Kidmore End parish council clerk.

Actions: To discuss with NDP team at SODC

6. Update on plan policies

Discussion about environmental policy – there was support to write a separate environmental policy as well as to incorporate environmental issues across other policies.

Pupils on the school council from Kidmore CE End Primary School have been consulted regarding what is important to them about the environment and what can be done locally to improve the environment.
There was a short explanation about the Neighbourhood development plan, pupils on the council had previously taken part in responding to the household survey.

Actions: Discussion to be held about above proposal with group members writing policies and with SODC.


7. Preparation of the NDP

A group to arrange a workshop to prepare the framework for the NDP to drop content into.

A group member has mapped out the time frames relating to the different consultations periods and will distribute to the Steering Group.

To ask SODC for their advice on the most representative and up to date NDP to make use of as a basic framework


8. Update on Finance and Grants

No further expenses have been occurred.


9. AOB

Reading Golf Club update: Reading golf club are reported to be intending to apply for planning permission for the whole of the Reading part of the club to be developed, this is a larger area than is in the ratifed Reading local plan.

Reading bridge: – SODC passed a motion at a council meeting on September 10th stating any 3rd bridge should only be pedestrian, cycle and public transport. The other involved councils are reported to be displeased with this. The parishes that are on the boundary with Reading are going to meet in January to discuss this issue further as any 3rd bridge would require infra structure that would have a huge impact on the area, which includes AONB

10. Date of next meeting:

Policy workshop , 3rd December, 7.30pm changed to 2nd December

NDP framework workshop, 10th December, 7.30pm (small group)

Date of next meeting 14th January 2020 Pavilion, Gallowstree Common, if open or alternative venue

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