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Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has launched its Winter Warmth campaign. This campaign will help vulnerable Oxfordshire residents to stay independent, safe and well in their homes and will be running from the middle of January and running indefinitely.

Housing can affect your physical and mental health, especially if people can’t find the help they need. After speaking with numerous services, we have identified and have developed a much easier way to get in touch.  A single point of contact has been created, where residents (or carers) can make a referral to the most appropriate organisation based on postcodes, to get the help they need.

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There are services and funds available to help people (owners and private tenants) stay independent, safe and well in their homes, and Oxfordshire County Council has developed a referral service to help residents (or carers) access the right organisations in their area, to get the help they need.

Mrs K who lived in Cherwell District Council, who had a cardiovascular disease had her ageing heating system assessed as causing a danger to her health.  The draughty doors and windows with rotten wooden frames were doing little to keep out the cold weather, making house freezing cold.  She accepted a referral to an organisation who helped with getting her heating system replaced along with new windows and doors.  She says of the work done “I feel much warmer and happy to have a heating system that works and is safe”.

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