NDP Update – January 2020

Copy of NDP Update October 2019

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting, Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

14th January 2020 at 7.30pm, The Parish Rooms, Wood Lane, Kidmore End

Copy of NDP Update October 2019

1. Chairman of the Kidmore End parish council attended the meeting

2. Declaration of interest
No change from the last meeting


3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


4. Feedback on the Housing Requirement and Allocation Paper and amendments

In line with the points raised at the last meeting the amendments to the Housing Requirement and Allocation Paper have been made following the consultation with the landowners ending 2.10.2019 and approved by SODC and the Steering Group. The next step is to publish the update on the KEPC website. The amendments will be a section at the end of the paper.


To update the Housing Requirement and Allocation Paper. To post on the parish council website. To notify landowners who made contact during the consultation period ending 2.10.2019 by email.


5. Update and feedback on policies

A policy workshop was held in December with the Steering Group. Following this a member of the group has gone back over previous source information and references and updated the policy wording. Feedback has been provided by the Steering Group. Concern has been raised regarding wording used in relation to the AONB and valued landscape. Attention is particularly being given to areas of importance raised by the community and ensuring that the policy wording reflects local needs as well as being in line with NDP requirements. Once any significant updates have been made the updated document will be discussed with officers at SODC for feedback.

Members of the group have worked through the community feedback / policy matrix to ensure it remains aligned to the policy wording. This will continue to be updated in the coming weeks. This document is being used as a reference guide by the Steering Group at this stage but will be published on the KEPC website once the policies have been agreed.

Members of the group to consider the wording related to the AONB and AONB setting and valued landscape.

To arrange a meeting with SODC by the end of February to discuss policy aims and wording. 2 members of the group to attend this meeting. Once SODC’s feedback has been received the document will update the matrix document and this will be communicated to the community in due course.


6. Feedback from December workshops and writing NDP

A workshop was held in December to agree the format of the Kidmore End Parish NDP. Existing NDPs recommended by SODC were reviewed to gain ideas for the best format. The feedback from SODC on the policy document is key to the writing of the NDP and so drafting will start on receipt of this feedback.

No action to be taken until the policies are closer to completion.


7. Feedback on the green spaces and green links study

2 members of the group presented the work they have conducted on identifying valued green spaces to the community. This can be included as evidence as to the existing character of the parish.

The Steering Group to give feedback on any omissions. Eventually this study will be submitted to SODC and feedback will be sought from the community.


8. Public events

Following the last meeting the community survey presentation was updated and this has been posted on the website.

Following feedback at the last meeting the NDP page has been updated to ensure that the reports and survey information can be more easily found.

Community Q&As have been posted on the Kidmore End parish website.

Another public event will be planned once feedback is received from SODC on the policies.



9. Finance

No change as no major expenses have been occurred, only rent for meeting venues.


10. Questions from residents

The Steering Group has received a couple of letters from residents and landowners. The Steering Group will respond as appropriate and continue to point interested parties to the information on the parish website.


11. AOB

A group member has requested that he stands down from the Steering Group now that he lives outside the parish. He is happy to continue to act as a consultant as and when his skills are needed. The Steering Group thank him for his involvement and contribution to date and for his continued support.


12. Date of next meeting:

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4th March.

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