NDP Update: March 2020

Kidmore End NDP update march 2020

Notes of Steering Group Meeting, Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

4th March 2020 at 7.30pm, Kidmore End Primary School, Kidmore End


  1. Apologies

2. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.

4. Feedback on policies

Members of the group had a meeting with SODC planning team member regarding the draft policies. The new AONB and AONB Setting Policy was also included in the policy review meeting.

SODC planning team member did not have time to review all the materials in advance of the meeting and is now reviewing the details that have been submitted to her.

The next meeting has been requested by the end of March, the purpose being for SODC to provide meaningful feedback on the approach used, concepts applied and the key points of the policies. The Steering Group have asked SODC to come to the next meeting prepared with any substantive questions so that we can identify what needs updating and ensure that progress is being made towards the final draft.

To meet with SODC to receive and implement feedback.

5. Writing the plan

There is already a draft template for the NDP. Some aspects of the NDP have already been drafted, such as the introduction and the overview of the parish. We also already have a draft of the community events.

The Steering Group agreed to draft as much as possible in advance of the policy feedback from SODC and to slot the different chapters into place in the main document.

A group member has previously agreed to manage the template and ensure all content is included in a consistent format.

The consultation statement and basic conditions statement need to be written.


Member of group to collate all the information on the engagement events into one chapter. To group member to discuss and organise this.

Steering Group members to ensure all relevant content is on drop box for insertion into the main document.

To make enquiries about potential support from a copywriter.
To get most up to date template of draft and talk to Sonia about moving the document forward

6. Finance

The grant received from Locality last year (£2,044) was for two public consultations. Just over half (£1209.88) was spent on the printing and supplies for the last public consultation and we still have money to use at the next one.

There is a further £10,982 available in grant funds and the Steering Group agreed that part of this could be used to pay for a copywriter.


See 5.
To discuss with Locality rolling the remaining part of the grant to new financial year to use for next public event

7. Public consultation

A discussion took place on the timing of the next public consultation. It was agreed that the policy wording will be the main focus of the consultation. As currently we don’t have any feedback from SODC, we are not in a position to set a date.

Decided that the next public consultation would be one session


No action until the policy feedback is received.

8. Correspondence

A letter was sent by a group of residents to the parish council requesting information from the parish council. One aspect of the letter related to the process followed by the Steering Group and the parish council asked the Steering Group to write a report on this point. The Steering Group submitted the report as requested and no further action has been requested.

The Housing and allocations Paper update and has been posted on the parish website. The 3 landowners who responded to the original documents were informed of the update by email and 1 landowner responded to the steering group by email.


No further action.

9. AOB

South Oxfordshire District Council have had a further letter from Robert Jennick and this will be discussed at the SODC meeting tomorrow evening, updates will be sent to the group by email. The letter was emailed to the group just prior to the meeting.

Reading Golf Club public consultation took place last week. The Golf Club conducted a residents’ survey. The Keep Emmer Green (KEG) group also conducted a survey with differing results.

The expectation is that the Golf Club is planning to submit their planning proposal in April.

The Reading Borough Council’s transport plan is being released next week, which could have implications for parishes on the boundary with Reading.
There has been a meeting of local parish councils with a district councillor and OCC transport team member with current information relating to the 3rd bridge.

10. Date of next meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 15th April, venue tbc.

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