NDP Update July 2020

 Minutes of Steering Group Meeting,

Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group


13th July 2020 at 7.30pm


Zoom video call


2. Declaration of interest


No change from the last meeting.


3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.


4. Discussion with SODC Planning Officers


The meeting was attended by 2 planning officers, who have both provided advice to the Steering Group throughout the development of the NDP.


The SODC planners were asked to discuss and provide advice on how to progress to the next stage of the NDP and specifically, how best to engage with the community, now that the draft policies have been completed.


SODC recognised that the NDP process followed by the Steering Group thus far has included more community engagement events than is legally required, leading to rich information and a good steer of direction from the community.


The advice from SODC is to progress to the Regulation 14 Pre-submission consultation as soon as possible rather than holding a consultation to look in isolation at the draft policies. The rationale for this is that the pre-submission consultation will allow residents and landowners to understand and comment on the whole NDP rather than just a section of it.


The Steering Group have received some correspondence from some residents as well as a landowner over the last few months and SODC advised that the best process for gathering, considering and responding to feedback is the pre-submission consultation. This consultation gives residents and landowners the opportunity to understand the draft NDP in its entirety, before it is assessed by the examiner, and to submit their comments and concerns. The Consultation Statement also has to describe how issues and concerns have been considered, and where relevant addressed in the revised NDP.  This document is an important part of the final NDP submission.


Relating to the SODC Emerging Local Plan it was felt that  based on the information available currently it would be hoped that the Emerging plan would be in the final stages by the Autumn ( the virtual public sessions of the examination of the plan with the appointed inspector are starting week commencing 20th July) so planning for a pre-submission consultation at this time would be appropriate timing.


5. Correspondence


As per the previous minutes, a statement has been prepared in advance of the parish council meeting on 22nd July in response to correspondence from a small group of residents.


Further correspondence has been received from the landowner of CFS10. This relates to a request to review the ‘amber’ status of the site.  The site was given a red status in site options and assessment report and changed to amber following change to the tree preservation order.  The Steering Group discussed the option of commissioning a legal advisor to review the process to date and advise on next steps.


Note: Subsequent to the meeting SODC advised that the most cost robust and time effective course of action is to request a top up package from Locality instead of a legal advisor.


Also subsequent to the meeting, the Steering Group agreed to update the Q&A document on the parish website in order to bring it up to date.




To complete a request for top up to technical package – site options and assessment to Locality.


To update the Q&A document.


6. Update on Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA)


The Steering Group have received communication from SODC confirming that, following consultation with the relevant statutory bodies, the Kidmore End NDP does not require a SEA.



7. Planning for Pre-Submission to SODC (Regulation 14)


The Steering Group discussed the steps required to prepare for the pre-submission consultation.


The Consultation Statement has been drafted and will be added to once the Regulation 14 consultation has taken place.


The Steering Group will collate the draft NDP and send it to Community First Oxfordshire for editing.  A grant will be requested from Locality to pay for the fee of £500 a day +VAT.  The editing will most likely take 2 days.


The Steering Group need to consider how best to communicate the key information provided in the NDP. The discussion included re-using some of the boards presented at the last event to remind residents of the journey so far and to consider how to best bring the policies to life.


The NDP will include appendices relating to the individual characteristics of each village to support the policies. The Kidmore End appendix has been completed as a template.




Members of the Steering Group to draft the village character appendices using the template designed by group member:



To collate the draft NDP including the draft policies ready to send to Community First Oxfordshire.


To speak to graphic designer to get a quote for the design and production of the NDP document and any supporting materials.


8. AOB:


The Group discussed updates relating to the Reading Transport Plan and the Reading Golf Course.


    9. Date of next meeting:


The next meeting has been set for Monday 17th August at 7.30pm via Zoom.




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