NDP Meeting August 2020

ndp update august 2020
 Minutes of Steering Group Meeting,

Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group


17th August 2020 at 7.30pm, Zoom video call

2. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.

4. Facilitation package from Locality – CFS10

Following the last meeting Locality were contacted in order to discuss a possible package to review the request by the landowner of CFS 10 to re-assess the status of the site.

Locality suggested a facilitations package to review the original site assessment and recent changes to the site advised by the land owner. Application made to Locality.  If successful, Aecom will review and provide a report of their findings with supporting documentation.


To liaise with Locality to ensure that Aecom have the required information and documents.

5. Discussion of the Regulation 14 pre-submission draft NDP plan

The draft NDP plan document has been put together in line with the format and content already agreed at a workshop in December and using information taken from various documents already produced by the Steering Group with some additions to ensure that the complete NDP narrative is told.

The grant to Community First for their help in copy writing / proof reading the document was found to be complicated and the group have since decided not to ask for their help as the Steering Group are capable of writing it themselves.

The next step is for all members of the Steering Group to provide feedback on the draft NDP plan so that it can be finalised.


All members of the Steering Group to provide feedback on the draft plan document via email by Friday 21st August.

To review the list of appendices and identify any item that’s missing

Feedback on policies to be made by Friday 21st August.

Feedback on the matrix of community concerns and related policies to be made by Friday 21st August.

To standardise the village characteristics appendices and ensure that house names are not used.

To ask SODC about the use of ‘density’ in the village characteristics appendices

The updated landscape study will be finalised (a map is required from terra firma) and this will also need printing

6. Preparations relating to Regulation 14 pre-submission consultation

The parish council need to discuss and agree that the draft NDP plan and the appendix go to the pre submission consultation stage prior to this taking place

A database has been provided by SODC of bodies that need to be consulted with, the group need to amend this to our specific requirements.

The Clerk of the Parish Council sends out all the emails to advise of the consultation period which will be six weeks.  The email will include information about public consultation event, dependant on the Covid 19 restrictions at the time, and survey for feedback with location for accessing both

The anticipated date of the public/community event, if possible due to Covid 19 restrictions, will be in late October on a Saturday and Sunday one week apart.

It is intended that a survey will capture all the feedback from residents, landowners and stakeholders.

For those who don’t have email or the internet the Steering Group could provide a phone number to contact so that a paper survey can be distributed or sort out a method of ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to view the document and give feedback.

A flyer will be posted through every door in the parish to advise them of the regulation 14 consultation and the public engagement events, also the person distributing flyers will try to make contact with the home owner if possible and  agreeable to the homeowner

Village Whatsapp groups, the parish email distribution list and Facebook will be used to raise awareness of the consultation and encourage residents to complete the survey.

Consider a drip feed of information to pique interest.

Two paper copies of the pre-submission consultation document and its appendices will be printed and made available to people who don’t have the internet.



Check with SODC on how other Steering Groups have captured their feedback and that the Steering Group are able to use a survey on Survey Monkey as its main source of feedback.

All members of the Steering Group to review the parties included in the draft database of contacts and to send additions and comments to Sue by Friday 21st August.

All members of the Steering Group to review the preparations for consultation document and send additions and amendments by Friday 21st August

Continue to review how the group makes contact with those members of the community who may still be shielding or do not have internet access.

To ask about possible locations for leaving hard copy of documents in villages

7. Preparations relating to the community engagement element of the Regulation 14 pre-submission consultation

It was agreed that it would be ideal to hold a physical event for the consultation. Options include using marquees on the school field, inside the Pavilion and a gazebo at Tokers Green on the triangle by the pond.

A quote for cost of marquees for the day is £800.

Must ensure people who are shielding are able to access the document.

Flyer to include a list of people from the Steering Group to contact with any questions, this is to ensure those who are shielding/don’t have access to internet are able to contact a member of the team.


To review the panels from the last event in September and see which can be repurposed for the consultation and which new boards need to be produced and liaise with group member to get a quote from graphic designer for production.

To get a quote from graphic designer for the flyers, advertising boards, display panels and two complete printed and bound copies of the pre-submission consultation document and its appendices

To look into whether there is a gazebo at the pavilion that could be used.

8. Finance update

The steering group had a grant of £5,000 from SODC, parish council offered £10,000. Currently have £9,768 in the bank. Locality grant can be accessed for £11,000, to date we have only accessed about £2k.  We need to use this method of grant from Locality for printing and publicity for the pre consultation


To apply for a grant from Locality for the design and printing of the materials.

9. Application of Grants:

Covered in the point above.

    10. AOB

Planning application for the Reading Golf Club proposal is now on the Reading portal and open for comments.

There is notice on the above documentation that the KE Parish Council will be approached to manage the woodland piece of the land and the newly proposed country park.

To send the link to the documents above to the group.

The group that Kidmore End Parish Council are currently preparing comments for the Reading Transport strategy consultation in conjunction with other nearby parishes.

The next meeting has been set for Thursday 10th September at 7.30pm via Zoom to confirm the documents are approved to send to the Parish Council in advance of the parish council meeting on 23rd September.

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