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Electric blanket safety campaign targets Henley residents


In Henley on Thames, only 44 electric blankets were checked by Trading Standards’ fire safety officers last year.

With a countywide 17% failure rate, the team is encouraging many more local people to take up the opportunity of a free electric blanket test over the next few weeks.

Oxfordshire County Council wants to ensure everyone is safe – as well as warm – this winter.

Emily James, from the County Council’s Trading Standards team, said:

“If the condition of the blanket is allowed to deteriorate, there is the possibility it could become faulty, risking injury and fire.

“We want to ensure that all electric blankets are still safe for use. That’s why, as an extra incentive, the tests are free.”

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service has dealt with house blazes started by faulty electric blankets; so there is a real and current fire safety concern.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Trading Standards will not allow owners to visit the test venue this year.

Instead, the team will collect the blankets from residents’ houses, take them to be tested and then return them to each property (each owner will be posted a plastic bag and label prior to the collection).

To book an electric blanket test, call 01865 895999 Option 1

or email:

Further information from the website:


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