NDP Meeting October 2020

Notes of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

6 October 2020 at 7.30pm

Zoom video call


  1. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The final version of the minutes of the last meeting was approved.

4. Facilitation package from Locality – CFS10

The draft Aecom report was received on 1/10/20 and shared with the steering group and SODC. The report took account of the information sent by email from the landowner of CFS10. The report was discussed and an outline of the feedback to Aecom was also discussed.

Highways and ecology were not part of the original Aecom report and were not part of this draft report

To write feedback to Aecom based on the responses from the Steering Group and SODC.

5. Pre-submission to SODC (regulation 14) – preparation of draft and appendices

A group member was warmly thanked by all for pulling together in an excellent way both the draft NDP and Reg 14 consultation package.

Members of the Steering Group had sent in suggested revisions to the draft. The summary has been completed and the draft sent to a design consultant for formatting and preparation for printing and website. He will desktop publish the draft which can be then altered with minor revisions if necessary before printing. The Steering Group agreed that the draft was ready to be submitted to the Parish Council for the next Council meeting on October 21st. All revisions will be considered following the Reg 14 consultation. It was identified that some sections may need further work such as Village Character descriptions.

The Steering Group discussed the implications of the final stages in the SODC Local Plan. The main modifications suggested by the inspector have now been published and are within a consultation period. It was not expected that very much in the NDP might change with the exception of the final wording of the Infill Policy which would be completed once the SODC LP had been adopted post the Reg 14 consultation. These changes will be made post ratification of the local plan and regulation 14 consultation.

The steering group discussed timing of the Reg 14 consultation in the light of the final stages of the adoption of the SODC Local Plan, Christmas and the timing of revisions arising from consultation.

Steering group agreed to aim for a consultation period starting 2/11/20 (revised to 7/11/20 after the meeting) which will run for 6 weeks. The Parish Clerk has a list of formal consultees to be contacted. The review of the responses would be undertaken in January 2021 and the Consultation Statement produced in February 2021. The proposed final draft NDP will go to SODC who will carry out the Reg 15 consultation (another 6 weeks). The NDP will go to Examination after this. This may enable the Referendum in June/July 2021.

The Steering Group agreed to find a consultant to amend the village character assessments into a consistent form. All appendices must provide good evidence to support the policies.

The Steering Group agreed that the NDP will not include a Glossary and the Glossary on the website will be removed.

Photographs to illustrate the NDP and village character assessment are needed.

Steering Group agreed to submit the draft NDP to the Parish by 14/10/20.

Steering Group agreed on the following timetable:
• Documents to Parish 14/10/20
• Consultation goes live 7/11/20
• Deadline for responses 19/12/20
Provisional 2021
• Consultation Statement Jan/Feb
• Basic Conditions Feb
• Submission to SODC March
• Reg 15 consultation (6 weeks) March/April/May
• Examination May/June
• Referendum June /July

To circulate latest version of NDP and Appendices to Steering Group for final comments before submission to parish council at next meeting and then posting onto Parish website
Any comments from Parish to be reviewed
Final edits to NDP for Reg 14 consultation
Removal of Glossary on the NDP website
Investigate possible consultants for the village character assessments.
Steering Group to send any good photographs to via Dropbox. Drone photographs to be arranged.

6. Pre-submission to SODC (regulation 14) community engagement

A database has been provided by SODC of organisations, groups and councils that need to be consulted with, this has been amended to our specific requirements.

Due to the tighter Covid 19 restrictions imposed there will be no face to face consultation meetings and everything will be done virtually. Therefore no consultation boards will be required. To gauge responses and interest the group will record the number of hits on the Reg 14 site. There is a need for heavy reliance on social media (local WhatsApp groups etc) to encourage responses. Some concern about reaching groups with poorer access to the internet. Efforts to be made by Steering group members to reach out to neighbours in this position. Flyers will make it clear that individuals over 16 should respond, rather than one response per household. Two hard copies will be made available. Questions are best sent into the NDP email address by email (to be included on the flyers) or by post to the Parish clerk. An advert/article will be placed in the Henley Standard.

The Steering group approved draft flyer with ideas for a strapline invited. A timeline of events and the periods involved is needed. The flyer will be delivered from 6/7th November. Possibly a second flyer in December as a reminder was discussed. QR code on the website/flyer/poster would help in accessing the survey. Posters in all villages. Encourage children from the school to join in a countdown as the consultation period reaches its end. Members of the Steering group will take responsibility for distributing etc in their respective villages. A member from Kidmore End will deliver to Cane End.

It is intended that a survey will capture all the feedback from residents, landowners and stakeholders.

Liaise with consultant re publishing and printing
Check whether gloves are needed for those wishing to read a hard copy and for final venues for hard copies.
Wording for the website to be provided.

7. Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement

A group member has started the Consultation Statement feedback format based on SODC examples. Feedback will be wanted in due course.

Checked with SODC there isn’t a template for Basic Conditions Statement but all the recent ones are very similar.

Review approach to Basic Conditions Statement taken by other NDP’s that have been ‘made’ in last couple of years

8. Finance update

£9768 available plus a grant of £4389 for the Reg 14 consultation publicity.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, printing costs will be lower than last time and we will not need a venue or marquee/gazebo.

Fees for the village character assessments to come from existing funds.

No further action needed at this stage.

9. Grant for Reg 14 submission consultation

See above.

10. AOB


Final dates to be agreed by email. No date was fixed for the next meeting by Zoom. Live meetings remain not possible. Steering Group to arrange the next meeting date in due course.

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