Local Government

Notice of Casual Vacancy

NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with Section 87 of the Local Government Act 1972, that a vacancy for the office of Parish Councillor for the Parish of Kidmore End has arisen as a result of the resignation of Ms S M Biggs.

If ten or more electors of the Parish submit a request, in writing, the vacancy will be filled by election.  Such a request should be submitted to the Returning Officer of South Oxfordshire District Council at the Council Offices, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon OX14 4SB and must reach him by 12 January 2021However, if an election is claimed, it cannot be held before May 2021, because of the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Local Authorities and Police and Crime Commissioner (Postponement of Elections and Referendums)(England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

If no election is claimed, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by means of co-option at its meeting on 20 January 2021.

To qualify to be co-opted, you must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • be registered as an elector of the Parish
  • own or occupy property in the Parish
  • work in the Parish
  • live in the Parish or within 4.8km of the boundary of the Parish


Persons interested in serving as a Parish Councillor should send a brief biography (no more than 200 words) to the Clerk of the Council by 19 January 2021.  For further information about the Council, contact the undersigned or an existing parish councillor.


R F Penfold



21 December 2020


30 Venetia Close

Emmer Green



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