Local Government

Appointment of officers, sub-committees and representatives 2021

Following the meeting on 20 January 2021, the present appointments are as follows:


Allotments’ Manager                            Mrs S G Hall

Deputy Allotments’ Manager              Dr C D Aldridge

Wells’ Manager                                     Mrs S G Hall

Finance Sub-Committee                     Dr C D Aldridge, I G C Pearson, Mr J A Swift

Plans Sub-Committee                         Mr J M Ducker (covering Gallowstree Common), Mr A P Harland (Tokers Green), Mr A McAslan (Kidmore End), Mr T M Perchard (Cane End and Chalkhouse Green)

Rights of Way Sub-Committee            Dr C D Aldridge, Mr T M Perchard

Transport Sub-Committee (and          Mr A P Harland, Mr T M Perchard, Mr

Transport Representatives)                 A Whyles

Editorial Board of Newsletter              Dr C D Aldridge, Ms A S O’Reilly*, Ms S Remenyi*

Representatives on Kidmore End        Dr C D Aldridge, Mr I G C Pearson

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Steering Group

Representative on Oxfordshire            Vacant

Association of Local Councils

Representatives on Playing Fields        Dr C D Aldridge, Mr A P Harland, Mr I G C

Committee                                              Pearson

Representative on Sonning Common     Vacant

Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group

Website Liaison Councillor                  Vacant

BroadBand Champion                         Vacant


*    Not a member of the Council



R F Penfold





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