Notes for website of Steering Group Meeting – March 2021

Notes for website of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

23rd March 2021 7.30pm

Zoom video call

2. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting are still draft as SODC have not had time to review the notes from the meeting held with them on 15/2/21. The Steering Group agreed there are no matters arising and will await for feedback from SODC before agreeing them in full.

4. Review and discussion of consultation statement

1. Introduction
2. Table of Events
3. Regulation 14 consultation survey feedback 2020/21
4. Regulation 14 consultation feedback via email
The Consultation Statement is a very long document in four parts.

The Steering Group were sent a link to dropbox so they could review and comment on the draft documents prior to the meeting. The group have reviewed all four parts of the Consultation Statement and amendments prior to this meeting. All required amendments have been made and with the steering groups approval and been sent electronically to SODC to be reviewed by them.

No additional feedback was raised in the meeting and the draft consultation document was agreed.

Once SODC have provided their comments the whole document (in its four parts) will be sent to Bluestone so they can complete the Basic Conditions Statement.

Redrafting of the plan is being carried out in tandem to the consultation statement, Group members have been consulting with SODC about the redrafted policies. These redrafts have also been circulated to group members for review and agreement. No changed were made by the group to the redrafted policies in the meeting. Any further comments on draft to be sent via email to group members. A group member is also going to speak with Bluestone about policies.

5. Review of the draft layout

Following the last Steering Group meeting the chair emailed the landowner of CFS8 to ask for any feedback on the information provided during the Regulation 14 consultation process. The landowner emailed back to say the land is still available and that he has no further information to provide.

Subsequent to the review of the Regulation 14 consultation Bluestone have created a proposed draft layout of CFS8. The Steering Group was asked to review the plans in advance of the meeting.

Some comments have already been provided to group member from different members of the Steering Group.

Points raised during the meeting included: –
• the size of the gardens,
• the proposed single access point
• parking
• the type of screening surrounding the development
• the design principles that might be included in the policies.

The Steering Group agreed that it would be useful to see the proposed draft design/layout or design/layout options relating to housing layout.


Steering Group members to email group member with further comments.

A group member to speak to Bluestone about possible housing configurations and a decision needs to be made on how prescriptive the proposed layout should be.

Group member to discuss putting this draft layout in the plan with SODC

6. Grants

£5475 grant obtained from Locality for up[dating of Village Character appendix and Basic Conditions Statement.

7. Feedback and submission to Parish Council

Once all documents are ready they will be made available to the Parish council.

A group member has written to the Parish Council to ask if the documents can be provided via dropbox due to the size of the documents.

The Parish Council will then decide how long it would like to review them all before holding a meeting to decide whether or not the updated plan is agreed and submitted to SODC


A group member to continue to liaise with the Parish Council Clerk and Chair.

8. Submission to SODC (Regulation 15)

It is currently unclear whether the documents will be published on the KEPC website for the Regulation 15 consultation or whether SODC take responsibility for this.


Group member to confirm with SODC how the process works. Following this meeting, SODC confirmed that they are the body responsible for the publication of the plan. Once submitted and checked, the documents will be uploaded to the SODC website and a link will be provided for the KEPC website

9. Next Steps

Bluestone are currently updating Appendix D including the Village Characteristics, and also the Basic Conditions Statements.

Once SODC has provided feedback on the draft Consultation Statement and the proposed amendments to the plan, the plan will be updated by the design company.

The Steering Group will then approve all the documents and agree when to submit the plan to the Parish Council for approval and submission to SODC .

10. AOB

A group member has announced that they will be stepping down from the Steering Group at the end of March. The group would like to thank them for all her hard work on the NDP and particularly with the detailed work she has done.

11. Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting tbc.






Steering Group Meeting
7.30pm on 3.3.2021
Zoom meeting

1. Apologies

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Discussion on meetings with SODC – a. 1st meeting
b. 2nd meeting – CFS 10

4. Allocation

5. CFS 8

6. Writing of consultation statement

7. Survey results

8. Update polices

9. Update character of villages development

10. Grants

11. Feedback to parish council

12. Next steps

13. Reading golf club update

14. AOB

15. Date of next meeting

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