Notes for website of Steering Group Meeting – June 2021

Notes for website of Steering Group Meeting,
Kidmore End Parish NDP Steering Group

11th June 2021 6.30pm

Zoom video call

2. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

3. Minutes of the last meeting

No matters arising.

4. Review and discussion of documentations for Regulation 15

Housing numbers: it was noticed that the indicative housing numbers for Gallowstree Common and Kidmore End have been transposed in the housing growth chart in earlier versions of the draft KENDP. This has now been rectified in the Regulation 15 submission version of the draft KENDP and other relevant documents (Appendix B3 and Appendix E5).

All the documents for Regulation 15 have been uploaded to Dropbox. Appendix D 1-6 needs some small amendments which should be completed by Monday 14th June. The Steering Group agreed that if more funds are required to complete the work, then this should be approved. Steering Group members have all had copies of the documents and a chance to review them. The purpose of this meeting was to agree whether or not to take the documents forward to the parish council for Regulation 15.

a) The Kidmore End Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 15 Submission draft:

The group agreed for the KENDP Regulation 15 Submission draft to be submitted as part of Regulation 15.

b) The Consultation Statement documents (Appendix E5):

The group agreed for the Consultation Statement documents to be submitted as part of Regulation 15.

c) The Basic Conditions Statement (Appendix F3):

The group agreed for the Basic Conditions Statement to be submitted as part of Regulation 15.

d) Housing Requirements and Allocation paper updated March 2021 Appendix B3
The group agreed for the Housing Requirements and Allocation paper updated March 2021 to be submitted as part of Regulation 15.

e) Visual and Spatial Character (Appendix D1-6)
The group have already reviewed this document and provided a few rounds of amendments.
The Steering Group have questioned whether including house names and photos of houses is sensitive for GDPR reasons. Bluestone Consulting have confirmed that the approach taken has not been an issue with other groups. All photos were taken from the road and in public view. It was agreed that a written statement should be placed with the documents to inform people that if someone wants a photo removed this can be arranged. The wording and placing of this statement will be discussed with SODC as the documents will be uploaded to their site with a link to the Kidmore End parish council website.
Bluestone Consulting are currently completing the last set of minor amendments which are not core to the main document and mainly typing errors. The group agreed that it was important to get the documents agreed before the deadline for submission to the parish council for the meeting on June 23rd. Considering the amendments to the documents are minor and the group have seen and reviewed the current draft, the group agreed to have less than 5 days to review the final documents on this one occasion. The final document will be reviewed by the Steering Group on 15th June or when the final documents are received from Bluestone Consulting and a meeting can be convened.
f) Housing Allocation CFS8 Design Code (Appendix D7)
The group agreed for the Housing Allocation CFS8 Design Code to be submitted as part of Regulation 15.


The Steering Group agreed to have a meeting on Tuesday 15th June at 7.30pm to have a final review of Appendix D1-6. Chair to send the agenda.
Group member to make a list of the small number of amendments and email them to Bluestone asking them to complete the changes for Monday pm.
Following the final review, all documents will be uploaded via the Dropbox link to the Parish Council by Thursday 17th so they can be circulated in time for the Parish Council meeting on 23rd June. It is expected that the Parish Council will agree an extraordinary meeting to review the KENDP documents. This will be agreed at the meeting on 23rd June.

5. Grants

A grant to advertise Regulation 16 has been obtained. The grant also covers money for further updates to the KENDP through the final stages.

Money for Design for Print for the Regulation 16 updates (£685) are being paid from NDP funds held by the Parish Council as the Steering Group were unable to obtain a grant.

6. Submission to the Parish Council

See above

7. AOB

A new planning application has been submitted for the Reading Golf Course Club House. Members of the Steering Group are involved in discussions with KEG. The Parish Council has asked for an extension so that they can comment on the plans.

A planning application has been submitted for change of use at The Reformation from a pub to a vet and also for the development of 3 houses. The Steering Group discussed the pros and cons of the application based on the policies in the SODC Local Plan, the draft KENDP and the Chiltern Conservation Board Management Plan 2019-2024. A proposed draft response will be submitted to the planning sub-committee of the Parish Council so that a formal response can be made.

It was agreed by the group that both of these planning applications reinforce the need for the KENDP.

8. Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting will be on 15th June at 7.30pm.



Steering Group Meeting
6.30pm on 11.6.2021
Zoom meeting

1. Apologies

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of last meeting – 23.3.2021

4. Review and discussion of documents for Regulation 15, all documents sent to group via Dropbox

a. Final draft plan
b. Consultation statement Appendix E 5
c. Basic conditions statement Appendix F3
d. Update housing and allocation paper Appendix B3
e. Visual characteristics Appendix D 1-6
f. Site Allocation for CFS8 Appendix D7

5. Grants – grant received for expenditure to advertise Regulation 15 and any further amendments to plan following Regulation 15 or review by inspector – £2155

6. Submission to parish council

7. AOB

8. Date of next meeting

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