NDP Steering Group Meeting – November 2021


1. Declaration of interest

No change from the last meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

No matters arising.

3. Review and discussion of documents – response to examiners questions following regulation 16 submission

The Parish Council received the examiner’s questions on the Regulation 16 version of the draft KENDP. The examiners questions/clarifications were passed to the Steering Group. Members of the Steering Group have worked on the suggested responses to the examiners questions and emailed them to SODC. SODC have replied with their suggested amendments.
The Steering Group discussed the suggested responses proposed by the Steering Group and the suggested changes by SODC and agreed some minor changes.
The agreed amendments will be made and circulated to the group within 24 hours for review. Any further comments are invited by email by 7th November so that a final draft can be completed and sent to the Parish Council

4. Submission to the Parish Council

The final version of the response to the examiner’s questions will be sent to the Parish Council on 8th November.

Once the Parish Councillors have reviewed the responses and have discussed and agreed them, they will send the document to SODC who will forward it to the examiner along with SODCs responses to the questions/clarifications the examiner posed to the district council.

5. AOB

Sonning Common have just started consultation on their updated NDP. KEPC have been invited to comment as part of the consultation.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting tbc


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