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Parish Council Website Survey – Please help us to help you!

Please help us to improve our Parish website by completing this short survey by 24th April.

Why are we doing this survey now?
The KEPC website presently focuses on information and activity around the work of its local parish
councillors, and many feel it needs to encourage more engagement with the villages across the Kidmore End
As a result of the Covid pandemic several villages and roads have set up their own WhatsApp groups and we
could link these groups with a more flexible and locally focused website that reflects the interests and concerns
of each village, while at the same time keeping everyone up to date with parish, regional and national
This is not just another questionnaire to capture your views and comments which you might feel are going to
be ignored or forgotten. We urge you to give us your feedback and put your thoughts and comments at the
heart of any future parish engagement. There are 16 questions, and your responses are anonymous.

Please complete the survey here


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