Kidmore End NDP Steering Group Report for KEPC Annual Parish Meeting April 2022

The KENDP group continues to work on the draft of the plan. Following the
completion of regulation 14. The KENDP steering group submitted a draft plan on
17th June 2021, for the parish council to consider for submission to South
Oxfordshire District council {SODC}. Kidmore End Parish Council {KEPC} agreed at
June 2021 parish council meeting to hold a special meeting on 1st July to consider
the draft plan. At the special meeting on 1.7.2021 the Parish Council agreed to
submit the draft plan submitted by the Kidmore End Neighbourhood Development
Plan {KENDP} steering group to South Oxfordshire District Council in accordance
with Regulation 15 of Neighbourhood Planning General 2012.
SODC started the Regulation 16 public consultation on 28.7.2021 for 6 weeks
ending on 15th September 2021.
SODC appointed an independent examiner Andrew Ashcroft to examine the draft
and the comments from the consultation. |Since he started examining the draft plan
Mr Ashcroft has asked for 2 sets of clarification points,6 on 11.20.2021 and
28.1.2022. The KE NDP steering group has worked on both sets of points and
submitted the draft clarification points to the parish council for consideration, the
parish council then submitted them to the examiner.
Following the last set of clarifications points the examiner requested a 3 week
consultation for a revised version of appendix D7. This was held for 3 weeks and
concluded on 24.3.2022
The steering group are now waiting to have a response from the examiner which will
be received by SODC and then reported back to the parish council.
A successful grant application to Locality was partially used and the unspent funds
will be returned to Locality as requested by the parish council.
We have worked closely with the NDP team at SODC to ensure that the path we are
taking is correct and they have been very supportive. Information from the Steering
Group meetings is available via the KEPC website, SODC website and Parish
Council meetings.
I would like to thank members of the Steering Group who have worked tirelessly for
nearly 4 years to get to this point and to parish councillors and the Clerk to the
Sue Biggs
Chairman of KENDP Steering group

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