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Oxfordshire Flood Situation/ Update

The Parish Council have received the following email from OCC.

Please find below the latest information on flooding picture for the County, following heavy rain over the past few days we now have a large number of flood alerts that have come on over the past 24 hours these are detailed below, we continue to monitor the situation and are getting regular updates from the Environment Agency.


Please see below key points for the Thames Valley and Oxfordshire.


The Flood page on the OCC Public website was activated Yesterday and will be updated later


We will continue to get OCC comms to tweet messages and OFRS social media pages will have any updated flood warnings added.


Property Flooding can be reported through or telephone Tel: 0345 310 1111


We still have high levels on many of our rivers due to the rain we experienced Thursday and Friday. The next few days continue to look dry. River Levels at the bottom of our larger catchments and all along the Thames are continuing to rise. River levels are very close to a flood warning being issued for the Abingdon area along the River Ock, we expect that properties in this area have come very close to flooding this morning. We do not expect to river levels to come this close flooding further property in other locations.


  • We had widespread flood alerts issued yesterday due to heavy persistent rainfall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.
  • The last 24 hours have seen a couple of locations receive up to 9 mm of rain, but the majority of our rain gauges saw less than 1mm of rain.
  • The top reaches of most of our rivers have seen levels recede.
  • The middle parts of most all of our rivers (excluding the Thames) have either stabilised or seen water levels begin to fall.
  • We are still seeing levels rise at the bottom of our rivers. Including: River Cherwell, River Ray, River Evenlode, River Windrush, River Loddon, River Kennet, River Thame, and the River Ock. For most of these rivers it will mean that flooding of low laying land and roads will continue, but we are not expecting property flooding.
  • The exception to this is the River Ock through Abingdon. River levels here are near to the property flooding threshold (within a couple of cm), therefore it is possible that a few properties have experienced property flooding. Certainly they will have water in their gardens and close to their homes.
  • The River Thames is high along its length and still rising slowly in most places. We will continue to monitor this and inform you of any impacts expected (Beyond low lying fields, footpaths and roads).


  • The Jubilee River is in operation with the 3 gate movements being undertaken yesterday – please note that the Flood alert for that area along the Thames went out this yesterday due to automated systems,this does not follow our normal procedure to not issue that alert until the Jubilee is being used to a higher capacity. We are aiming to undertake gate movements to reduce the levels on the River Thames in this area with an ambition to remove the alert soon.


There are now 36 Flood Alerts and 0 Flood Warnings in force across the Thames Valley LRF area (Potential for 1 warning to be issued today)

For all the latest Alerts and Warnings in force please visit our website here


Flood Alerts


Bear Brook and tributaries in the Aylesbury area, including  Wendover and Weston Turville
Chertsey Bourne
Clanfield Brook for Clanfield Village and the Shill Brook for Bampton.
Emm Brook
Ginge Brook
Lower River Loddon
Lower River Loddon at the River Thames confluence at Twyford
River Blackwater and The Cove Brook
River Cherwell from Lower Heyford down to and including Oxford
River Cole and Dorcan Brook
River Evenlode from Moreton in Marsh to Cassington and also the River Glyme at Wootton and Woodstock
River Kennet and its tributaries from Berwick Bassett down to Newbury
River Leach from Northleach to Mill Lane near Lechlade
River Ock from Watchfield to Abingdon, and also the Letcombe Brook at Wantage, Grove and East Hanney
River Pang from East Ilsley to Pangbourne and Sulham Brook
River Ray and its tributaries from Shipton Lee to and including Islip
River Stert in Abingdon
River Thame and Chalgrove Brook
River Windrush from Bourton to Newbridge
Windle Brook and Hale, Mill and Addlestone Bournes
Lower River Colne and Frays River
Upper River Great Ouse in Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire
Middle River Great Ouse in Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire
River Thames and its small tributaries from Calcutt to Lechlade
The River Thames and Tributaries from Buscot Wick down to Kings Lock
River Thames and tributaries in the Oxford Area
River Thames for the Abingdon Area
River Thames and its tributaries from Days Lock to above Pangbourne
River Thames from Pangbourne to Purley
River Thames from Mapledurham to Sonning
River Thames for Shiplake, Lower Shiplake and Wargrave
River Thames for Henley, Remenham, Medmenham and its tributaries
River Thames from Hurley to Cookham
River Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor and Eton
River Thames from Datchet to Shepperton Green


The majority of flood alerts in force will remain in force over the coming days. They will be reviewed and removed when the rivers/streams have dropped to appropriate levels.


Note: You will have seen these alerts being issued in unsociable hours. This is because The Environment Agency are in a period of industrial action, and there is a national decision to automate the service during this time period and not because we felt the urgency in issuing them to you immediately. Unfortunately with the automated service we are unable to issue alerts in advance of the rivers coming out of their banks

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