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The future sustainability of The Pavilion

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Your Views Matter

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the consultation on the future of the Diamond Jubilee Pavilion at Gallowstree Common by sending in your comments, questions and concerns. All of the responses received up to the end of October have been collated and were shared at the Parish Council meeting in November.

We received a huge number of responses which included over 200 individual points and questions, too many to answer properly at the November Parish Council meeting. Of these, the majority of communications came from parishioners living in the Hamlet, with some comments and questions from the rest of Gallowstree Common, and a few from Cane End, Kidmore End, Tokers Green and Chalkhouse Green.

The points and questions received cover a range of views and have been grouped into 5 common themes in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, as follows: (1) Information regarding the history of the pavilion and financial arrangements; (2) Working party remit and process; (3) Statements summarising the support received for KECC and a long term arrangement with them; (4) Responses to questions and concerns raised by residents; and (5) Overview of elements residents wish to be included in any future lease agreement.

Due to the volume of points and questions raised it will take time to respond to them properly and so, for now, I am publishing the FAQ document with just the questions so that parishioners can have sight of the points we will be addressing. [FAQ document]

Next steps:

The Parish Council aim to publish answers to all your questions in due course, however this will take time. There are some questions that can be answered relatively quickly by KEPC, some that need input from KECC and many that will be dependent on the lease agreement. We aim to answer the factual ones regarding the history first, as well as some that KEPC can answer fairly easily, and then update the document with answers where KECC need to be consulted. The first responses will be published by the end of January following the January parish council meeting.

We are now in the process of engaging professional advice, and we will be working with KECC to understand their future position. We will be engaging lawyers in due course to ensure that any future agreement is beneficial to both the Parish Council and KECC and does not forget that the pavilion and recreation ground are valuable amenities for all parishioners. Our aim is to ensure financial sustainability and that all the original planning conditions are complied with. We want to ensure that our playing fields and the pavilion are safeguarded and available for everyone to use in the future. The points raised by residents relating to a future lease agreement have been collated and published within the FAQ document and will be used to help inform any future lease and service level agreement.

Caroline Aldridge Chairman, Kidmore End Parish Council

Public Consultation FAQ Document

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